Into the Woods

In to the woods

Me & my photo artist friend Justė did a photo shoot in Lithuanian woods some time ago. We found very old wooden pastel colored houses there too. Justė is the best at making natural look photos.

Most of my outfit I found, as usual, at the secondhand shop or flea market in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Zara shirt: 5€
Humana skirt: 3€
H&M dress: 7€
Hat: 10€ / bought on holiday in Tenerife couple years ago
Blue shoes: 20€ / Urban Outfitters

More Justė works here: Justesmwhr

In to the woods 1

In to the woods 2

In to the woods 3

In to the woods 4

In to the woods 5

In to the woods 6

In to the woods 7

In to the woods 8


Weekend in Norway

Norway, Bergen


4 days spent in Norway, were amazing. Our friends, who live in Bergen showed us incredible landscapes & places of interest. We did barbecue on the top of fjords, visited hills, waterfalls, sheep fields and had a great time! Norway – best place to clear your mind, really.

Norway, Bergen 1

Norway, Bergen 2

Norway, Bergen 3

Norway, Bergen 4

Norway, Bergen 5

Norway, Bergen 6

Norway, Bergen 7

Norway, Bergen 8

Norway, Bergen 9

Norway, Bergen 10

Friends in Norway from Erika on Vimeo.


Picnic Hen Party

Picnic Hen Party 8

Last Summer we had very cozy & nice hen party in Rumšiškės, Lithuania. This place is best known for its excellent open-air ethnographic museum, one of the largest in Europe. We, 8 friends, have organised full-day event for our friend Akvilė, two weeks before her amazing wedding. Here You can find some inspiration for Your hen party.

Pictures: Raggana Photography
Idea: Rendezvous

Picnic Hen Party 9

Picnic Hen Party 6

Picnic Hen Party 5

Picnic Hen Party 7

Picnic Hen Party 4

Picnic Hen Party 3

Picnic Hen Party 2

Picnic Hen Party

Fashion Infection Flashback

Fashion Infection 2012 - 2015

Mados Infekcija (Fashion Infection) – is the most prominent annual fashion festival in Lithuania. It is an innovative and conceptual event of fashion and art fusion featuring 2 days public events where professional and upcoming designers are brought together.

Me & my beautiful talented friend Toma (founder of Toma Accessories) do not miss this event each year since 2012. Last week we visited Fashion Infection for the 4th time. It’s fun to remember our different outfit each event.

Spring 2015

Fashion Infection 2015
You can find Lithuania fashion trends forecasters’ Marija Palaikytė comment about our style here:

Fall 2013

Fashion Infection 2013 autumn

Spring 2013

Fashion Infection 2013 spring

Fall 2012

Fashion Infection 2012 autumn
Photo credits:,,,

Colorful Costa Rica Beach Elopement

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 0

It was one year ago. Perfect getaway so far. Amazing few days in paradise. Me & my Love eloped to Costa Rica. We wanted to have small wedding ceremony on the beach and photos feel natural, cozy, artistic, bohemian and a little bit vintage. Wonderfully talented photographer Chloe Murdoch and her amazing husband made a reality. They helped us do everything from floral design, and prop coordination to the officiant and selection of venue location. Time flies so fast! Now, after a year ago, I just can say again – it was perfect.

Photography: Chloe Murdoch Photography

Floral Design: Stylos Y Flores

Wedding Dress: Toma Accessories

Shoes: H&M

Venue: Tulemar Vacation Homes

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 1

My parents wedding photo

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 2

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 3

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 4

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 5

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 6

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 7

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 8

E & G Costa Rica Beach Elopement 9

More photos: Style Me Pretty

Our story in Lithuanian Wedding Online Magazine: Misija Vestuvės

March Green

Photographer: Rūta Rylaitė

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Season: March, 2014

Outfit: Second Hand Shop

More photos from this personal photoshoot: click  here.



Photo: Justė

Location: My balcony, Vilnius

Clothes: H&M