Into the Woods

In to the woods

Me & my photo artist friend Justė did a photo shoot in Lithuanian woods some time ago. We found very old wooden pastel colored houses there too. Justė is the best at making natural look photos.

Most of my outfit I found, as usual, at the secondhand shop or flea market in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Zara shirt: 5€
Humana skirt: 3€
H&M dress: 7€
Hat: 10€ / bought on holiday in Tenerife couple years ago
Blue shoes: 20€ / Urban Outfitters

More Justė works here: Justesmwhr

In to the woods 1

In to the woods 2

In to the woods 3

In to the woods 4

In to the woods 5

In to the woods 6

In to the woods 7

In to the woods 8


March Green

Photographer: Rūta Rylaitė

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Season: March, 2014

Outfit: Second Hand Shop

More photos from this personal photoshoot: click  here.


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